Easter Lights at Kitties Field

Easter Lights at Kitties Field


Low level lighting at Kitties Field, Dominion Road hopefully arrives on Good Friday (March 29th) Worthing Borough Council advised today.  UK Power Networks have now connected the power supply to the lights and final tests are due on Thursday.

The lights will make the park safe in the evening hours.   Low level lighting has been a wish of local residents for several years and the cause championed by Chris Poore as Chair of Broadwater Police Neighbourhood Panel for over two years.

After pressure from local Broadwater councillors £33,000 to provide the lighting Worthing Borough Council added the project to the capital programme for 2012-13 in November 2011.   Previously the scheme scored too low but the Cabinet made an exception.

The lamp standards were in place in January and there was a failed attempt to connect by UK Power Networks in early February when the wrong cable was used.

Next on the wish list from residents and the police panel is replacement play equipment which is around 20 to 30 years old.