Edmund & Co – The Dinner Show at The Denton

Edmund & Co – The Dinner Show at The Denton


For all Backadder II fans, The Denton, Worthing presents “Edmund & Co -the Dinner Show’ at 7.30 pm tomorrow evening (Thursday December 18th).

Dine in the Queen’s Court, where Queenie has appointed Edmund Blackadder to be your cunning, shrewd and witty host and Lord Melchett offers his devious advice.

Will Edmund win the Queen’s heart or lose his head and follow Baldrick’s cunning plan?


“New World Pottage”

Leek and potato soup, served with a mini loaf (V)

“A Course of Leeches”

Chicken wrapped in bacon with a honey and mustard sauce, served with pan fried baby potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Mushroom stroganoff with a timbale of wild rice (V)

“Prince Ludwig’s Reweng-e”

Chocolate torte with cream


Selection of cheeses


The Denton is at the entrance to Worthing Pier.