‘Effie Gray’ at Connaught Cinema & Studio

‘Effie Gray’ at Connaught Cinema & Studio


‘Effie Gray’ (12A) is showing at the Connaught Cinema and Studio from tomorrow (Friday October 9th) to Thursday October 16th.

A look at the mysterious relationship between Victorian art critic John Ruskin and his teenage bride Effie Gray.

Running time:  108 minutes.

Show Times:  Friday October 10th at 11.15 am, Saturday October 11th at 8.30 pm, Sunday October 12th at 6.00 pm and 8.30 pm, Monday October 13th at 12.45 pm, 3.15 pm and 5.45 pm, Tuesday October 14th at 11.30 am, 2.00 pm and 4.30 pm, Wednesday October 15th at 12.45 pm, 3.15 pm, 5.45 pm and 8.30 pm and Thursday October 16th at 11.15 am, 1.45 pm and 4.15 pm.

The Connaught Cinema & Studio is at 3 Union Street, Worthing.