End of the line for Worthing trams?

End of the line for Worthing trams?


Worthing schoolboy Callum Liston wants trams on Worthing seafront but has come up against a legal stumbling block.    Callum used Facebook to promote his idea on his page “Worthing Trams: Your Local Connection” but decided to close down the page this week.

Callum said:  “After much research, I have discovered that one of the reasons for my not being able to construct a tramline and/or run trams in Worthing is the simple fact that there is a law/bill preventing it.

“As I am still in school and concentrating on my studies so that I can try my best to get good GCSE grade, I do not have the time to try to fight a law. For this reason, I will soon be giving up on this project and I will close this page in about a week’s time.

“Thanks for your continued support for the idea and the encouragement that you gave me. I wish that the plans had come to fruition.”

The idea envisaged constructing a tramway along the sea front approximately 4.5 miles long, with the termini at Brooklands and the Sea Lane Cafe.  It would have 6 intermediate stops: Half Brick, Esplanade (by the Aquarena and Splash Point), Pier (the main/central station), Heene Road, Grand Avenue and George V.

So as not to disturb other promenade users the rails are sunk into the promenade. Passing loops provided at the Esplanade, Grand Avenue and the Pier give a good frequency of one tram in each direction every 15 minutes.

It would be run using standard trams of either 20m or 30.8m lengths, carrying 135 and 251 passengers respectively. They are fully low-floor with dedicated spaces for wheelchairs facilitating wheelchair access and compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995.

There is no need for overhead cables as the power source for the trams comes from beneath the track using new technology called Primove. This is only activated while the trams are over it so that it cannot electrocute persons or animals that walk near or on the line.

West Sussex County Council, Adur & Worthing Borough Councils and the Department for Transport all wished Callum well with the idea.