‘The Ethereal Realms’ – fantasy adventure is first book by Worthing author

‘The Ethereal Realms’ – fantasy adventure is first book by Worthing author


Worthing author Chris Eyte has published his first book ‘The Ethereal Realms’ – a Christian fantasy adventure for young people.

“A giant dragonfly, a jewel theft, the murder of a troll, new colours, sights and tastes – discover the hidden world of the Ethereal Realms!  Pelumi, Céline, Rory and Lily live with Mr. Dog at a care home in the town of Worthing in West Sussex, England.

“The gang of friends hunt a thief called Horace Neeville and end up in a mysterious world, split into three lands, hidden in the Big Cloud which hovers above Earth. Later they learn that the beautiful Third Realm dominated by Mt Xion, the majestic mountain, is where the Awesome Good Presence resides – the Creator of the Universe.

“The Second Realm is inhabited by the Jeru, a friendly race who guard the Land of Light against the creatures of the Dark Land on the First Realm, also known as Gehenna. The children become Celestial Knights after learning about the sacrifice of Godwithus, the Awesome Good Presence in human form. A fierce fight between good and evil follows when Ragaar, the troll overlord, plots to become king of the Dark Land. The story ends . . . well, read the book and find out more!”

Christopher Eyte enjoys being part of the Elim Church in Worthing. ‘The Ethereal Realms’ is his first novel which was inspired by the true story about Jesus Christ as celebrated in the Christian faith. The author is a former newspaper reporter for the Sussex Express and he was awarded a MA (Hons) degree in English from St Andrews University in Scotland in 2001.

Christopher’s wife Céline is a care assistant and graphic designer from Belgium who illustrated the front cover of the book.  The Eytes have a lively baby daughter called Anabel and another child on the way.