It’s Fairtrade Fortnight – it’s bananas !

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight – it’s bananas !


Today is the start of Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 which runs until March 9th and marks the launch of a unique campaign to transform the banana industry. 

The ‘Fair Banana’ Campaign aims to ensure those at the sharp end of the supply chain, the millions of struggling banana farmers and workers, get a fair deal. 

Bananas are Britain’s favourite fruit and we eat over 5 billion a year in the UK.  In the last 10 years, the UK supermarket sector has almost halved the shelf price of loose bananas while the cost of producing them has doubled, trapping many of the farmers and workers who grow them in a cycle of poverty.

Fairtrade provides a vital safety net for banana farmers and workers, by paying a minimum price that aims to cover the costs of sustainable production, and an additional premium that farmers can use to invest in community projects or to improve their businesses. This empowers producers to take control of their lives and provide their families with the basics such as education and healthcare.

More than 1.2 billion Fairtrade bananas are now sold in the UK each year. That’s one in every three bananas we buy.   Despite this, there’s still a serious problem at the heart of the banana business – the price we pay for bananas.

The campaign believes we must act now to deliver a fair deal to all banana farmers and workers and working together make bananas fair.

Fairtrade Fortnight this year is February 24th to March 9th and Worthing Fairtrade Town Steering Group plus other local groups and  schools will be will be organizing events around the town during this period.

During Fairtrade Fortnight  the following public events have been arranged:

Thursday March 6th – ‘Investing in a Fairer World’ with Guest Speaker Sally Reith from the Shared Interest Society.  If you have already bought Fairtrade bananas Sally will explain what else you can do.  Information will be available on investment options to enrich the planet and the lives of others. There is a question time and fair trade refreshments.

The meeting organised by Worthing Quakers is at the Worthing Friends Meeting House behind 34 Mill Road, Worthing.  Admission is free  and doors open at 7.00 pm with the illustrated presentation at 7.30 pm.  Any donations will go to the Fairtrade Foundation Innovation Fund.  Please park in West Avenue. Details from or 01903 231706.

Saturday March 8th – ‘Traidcraft Big Brew’ at the Offington Park Methodist Church, South Farm Road from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon.  

There are permanent displays at St Mary of the Angels Roman Catholic Church, Richmond Road, Worthing and at Green Cuisine Cafe, 37  Rowlands Road, Worthing.

For further information on Fairtrade locally email The national website is