Fancy being a Sports Coach ?

Fancy being a Sports Coach ?


Worthing Borough Council finance residents to take part in the Scholarship for Sports Coaches Scheme.   The scheme helps them to gain sports qualifications.  Funds are still available and new applications from eligible individuals are welcome.

During the past ten years since the scheme started 86 scholarships were awarded worth nearly £15,000 or £170 per award.  The awards have covered a broad range of sports from angling to walking, with trampolining (19%), football (16%), cricket (16%), swimming (14%) and gymnastics (11%) benefitting the most.

Matthew Laker, a recent recipient of a scholarship, said:  “As a member of Worthing Swimming Club I decided to volunteer as a swimming instructor for the club and without this form of financial backing I wouldn’t have been able to do the courses that I would like to do. As a result of this I feel that I now have the technical knowledge to help the club and the local community.”

Worthing Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing Tom Wye, said:  “This is a great scheme to ensure that the volunteers who spend so much of their time with our young people get the best possible qualifications. The standard of the different sports can only rise as the coached become better qualified. I support it without reservation.”

Download an application at: or contact  Julian Stevens  e-mail:   telephone: 01273 263104