Father Christmas sighting !

Father Christmas sighting !


On Christmas Eve Santa Claus will be starting his journey round the world to leave presents for all the little boys and girls who have been good.

One of Santa’s elves has told me that if you look carefully you can see his sleigh lit up, so that Rudolf and the other reindeers can see where they are going.

You need to look to the West and at 5.21.41 in the evening you will see Santa in the distance, at 5.24.38  the sledge will be 49 degrees from the horizon, so about halfway up in the sky and just South of West, at 5.29 the sledge will be so far away that it will suddenly  disappear towards the South East.

If it is cloudy unfortunately Santa will not be visible as he flies so high he will be above the clouds.

Anybody who says that this is the International Space Station is very naughty and I doubt if Santa will be leaving them any presents!

Good luck with your Santa sighting and have a lovely Christmas. 

By Peter Goodman – Worthing Astronomical Society.