Fire checks for vulnerable

Fire checks for vulnerable


West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is launches a new campaign “Who Cares?” this week as part of National Carers Week (June 10th to 17th).  The campaign aimed at protecting its most vulnerable residents will raise awareness of the life-saving potential of Home Fire Safety Checks and the availability of specialist fire detection and protection equipment.

The new campaign urges everyone in a caring role to consider those people who may be at increased risk of fire who would benefit from a Home Fire Safety Check or those who may need more than a standard smoke alarm in their home.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service has produced a short film for professional carers highlighting the most dangerous fire hazards to look out for in their client’s homes.

Firefighters will also be out during National Carers Week and over the coming months to promote the potentially life-saving campaign at community fire safety events across the county.

Sean Ruth, Chief Fire Officer for West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, said: “Tragically, in 2012, six people lost their lives in house fires in West Sussex.

“Four of those involved someone over 65 living alone. That’s why we are so committed to working with our partner agencies and the local community to try and reach those people who are most vulnerable so we can reduce the risk and ensure they have the right kind of protection in their homes.

“Social or physical isolation can mean those people who are most at risk may not haWeek.  ve such easy access to essential services. This campaign is a call to action for anyone who cares for somebody they feel may be at increased risk from fire. That could be a professional carer or simply someone who keeps an eye out for an elderly relative or neighbour. We’re asking you to help us to keep our communities safer.”

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service particularly wants to reach those who:

  • are 65 or over and live alone;
  • have a physical disability or frailty affecting their ability to either summon help or escape in an emergency;
  • use a Community Alarm or Emergency Monitoring service like Careline or Lifeline;
  • have a sensory impairment or difficulty hearing a standard smoke alarm; and
  • have a cognitive impairment affecting their ability to remember things or retain information, such as dementia.

To request a Home Fire Safety Check call free on 0800 328 6487 or visit