Fireworks fly for CCPS at Worthing Birdman

Fireworks fly for CCPS at Worthing Birdman


Local charity Chanctonbury Community PlayScheme (CCPS) join in the fun at the Worthing Birdman next weekend when two of their team will be jumping off the pier to Katy Perry’s Firework.

Last year they had a late entry to the competition but still made a good impression with their Despicable Me get-up, including wings designed and decorated by the children who access CCPS.

The charity, which runs for four weeks every summer in the Storrington and Worthing areas, aims to provide fun, active and memorable experiences for children aged 5 to 19 with a range of special needs including (but by no means limited to) cerebal palsy, Downs Syndrome, autism, Rett Syndrome, ADHD and Hunter’s Syndrome.

They are an inclusive and unique charity and are joining Worthing Birdman to raise awareness and to  celebrate the energy of the play scheme.

Watch as Kenny Park and Elspeth Cloake, both co-ordinators for the charity, overcome their fear of heights ably assisted by Sarah Hoddy, Team Leader, at about 12.30 pm on Saturday July 12th.

For more information about Chanctonbury Community PlayScheme including the upcoming summer events and how to apply for a place for next summer visit: .

CCPS are always looking for volunteers to join in the fun.  At the moment they would be grateful to find any minibus drivers willing to help this summer.