Flood fund available for communities

Flood fund available for communities


West Sussex County Council announced today a £1.25 million fund to encourage communities to act against flooding.

The Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund is part of the County Council’s initiative to tackle problems caused by severe weather.

The fund will support local communities wanting to work with the County Council to prepare better for floods.   It is also for people who want to help reduce the likelihood of highways or neighbouring land flooding.

Local groups, including Community Flood Wardens and Local Flood Action Groups, can apply for funds to finance schemes of any size to help achieve this.

Louise Goldsmith, County Council Leader, said, “With climate change predicted to bring about more frequent outbursts of sudden, heavy rainfall, everyone has to be more prepared for when flooding occurs.

“Creating this fund will help us respond quickly to what communities feel they need.

“Where a solution or helpful tool to combat a flooding issue is identified, we will make funds available to resource it in a timely fashion.”

East Worthing suffers floods periodically including in June last year when the hospital, Homefield Park and Davison School were all affected.

Community Flood Wardens are individuals, parish councillors, Neighbourhood Watch members, or members of other local groups, who help communities prepare for flooding, or cope during floods.

Flood Action Groups consist of people who use local expertise and knowledge of flood risks in their area to work with the agencies responsible for flood prevention. They can influence and change the way floods are managed.