Free wi-fi in Worthing Library

Free wi-fi in Worthing Library


Free internet access will be available to readers in Worthing Library for their own laptops, tablets and smartphones in the next few months.  The state-of-the-art system will be in every West Sussex library  after plans to install were given the go-ahead.

Lesley Sim, Information Service Manager for the county’s  libraries, said, “The number of laptops and smart phones has risen significantly during the last five years so it is vitally important we keep up to date with new technology.

“Anyone living in West Sussex will be able to visit a library and log on using their own device.

“The new service will supplement rather than replace the existing paid-for internet access, which will still be available in all 36 West Sussex libraries.”

Installing wi-fi is part of a long-term plan to modernise the service, which saw new self-service book machines installed last year.

Putting in the new system will not mean closing the library while the work is carried out.

Installing and testing the equipment should generally take less than a day.

The installation is expected by the end of July.