Full slates in Worthing Borough Election

Full slates in Worthing Borough Election


All five political parties are contesting all 13 seats in the Worthing Borough Council Election on Thursday May 22nd.  Nominations have now closed.

Councillors not re-standing are:  Christine Brown (Liberal Democrat – Selden), David Chapman (Liberal Democrat – Central), Carol Molineaux (Conservative – Heene), Alan Rice (Liberal Democrat – Gaisford), John Rogers (Conservative – Offington), Nicky Waight – (Conservative – Offington), and Tom Wye (resigned but formerly Conservative – Marine: seat vacant).

Cllr Charles James (formerly Conservative – Durrington) is standing in Marine Ward for UKIP and Cllr Trevor England (formerly Liberal Democrat – Castle) is also standing for UKIP in Goring Ward.

Other councillors re-standing for election are:  Bob Smytherman (Liberal Democrat – Tarring), Diane Jones (Liberal Democrat – Northbrook), Mark Nolan (Conservative – Goring), Victoria Vaughan (Conservative – Broadwater)


The full list of candidates is:

Broadwater: John Apsey (Lib Dem), Richard Battson (Green), Elise Mason (UKIP), John Turley (Labour) and Victoria Vaughan (Conservative).

Castle: Daniel Aherne (Green), Jim Deen (Labour), Luke Proudfoot (Conservative), Dave Shipley (UKIP) and Nick Wiltshire (Liberal Democrat).

Central: Chris Allen (Liberal Democrat), Peter Barnes (Labour), James Doyle (Green), Alex Harman (Conservative), and Malcolm Milne (UKIP).

Durrington:  Guy Chadwick (Labour), Jackie Cranefield (Liberal Democrat), Susan Jelliss (UKIP), Fiona Ramasani (Green) and Steve Waight (Conservative).

Gaisford:  John Dawkins (UKIP), Kevin Jenkins (Conservative), William Morris (Green),  Dimitri Seirlis (Liberal Democrat) and Joe Thornton (Labour).

Goring: David Aherne (Green), Trevor England (UKIP), Margaret Harris (Labour), Mark Nolan (Conservative) and Trudi Starling (Liberal Democrat).

Heene:  Michael Finch (Liberal Democrat), Diane Guest (Conservative), Jill Guest (Labour), Rick Setford (UKIP) and Stefan Sykes (Green).

Marine:  Edward Crouch (Conservative), Pat Izod (Liberal Democrat), Charles James (UKIP), Melanie Muir (Green) and Alex Wagstaff (Labour).

Northbrook:  Philip Dufty (Labour), Mike Jelliss (UKIP), Diane Jones (Liberal Democrat), Katherine Kohl (Green) and Sean McDonald (Conservative).

Offington:  Toby Brothers (UKIP), Louise Murphy (Conservative), Stephen Nethercott-Cable (Green), Ann Saunders (Labour) and Linda Williams (Liberal Democrat).

Salvington:  Val Capon (Liberal Democrat), Pauline James (UKIP), David Lace (Labour), Heather Mercer (Conservative) and Julia Owen (Green).

Selden:  Mike Barrett (Labour), Callum Buxton (Conservative), Valerie Ellis (Green), John Harwood (UKIP) and Yvonne Leonard (Liberal Democrat).

Tarring:  Michelle Forsyth (Labour), Ross Johnson (Green), David Messer (Conservative), Adrian Price (UKIP) and Bob Smytherman (Liberal Democrat).