Funding boost for new Broadwater School

Funding boost for new Broadwater School


West Sussex County Council has secured a multi-million-pound funding deal from the Government to provide a new secondary school in Worthing and additional places at two other Worthing schools.

Precise figures have not yet been announced.

The Department for Education awarded the County Council funding to provide a new secondary school, for up to 900 pupils, as well as an extra 360 places at Durrington High School and 240 at Davison Church of England High School for Girls.

West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Children-Start of Life, Peter Evans, said: “This is fantastic news and will be of huge benefit to many local schools.

“With a growing population in these areas, it is extremely important that we ensure we are able to supply sufficient places for pupils.”

The County Council indicated the investment is likely to coincide with a consultation into the way schools are structured in the Worthing area.

Currently pupils attend First and Middle schools and transfer to secondary school at the age of 12 rather than the usual age of 11.

The consultation, likely later this year, is to find out whether there is support for children to transfer to secondary school at the age of 11, in line with the rest of the county.

Peter added: “There is still a lot of detail to be worked out before we can set out what the next steps might be and whether this consultation will even take place.

“We will work closely with headteachers, schools, dioceses, and Worthing Borough Council to achieve the best possible education system for children and young people in Worthing.”

The new school, which could open in September 2015, is proposed on surplus land owned by Northbrook College in Broadwater  if proposals for the next phase of development at the college receive support.

The County Council will invite expressions of interest from groups wishing to run the new school in August and Proposers will be asked to submit a bid by early October.

Pictured: Davison Church of England High School for Girls