Future shock

Future shock


Ten years ago this month over 100 protestors gathered on Broadwater Green concerned over the new Tetra mast erected at Worthing Football Club.

The Tetra mast was a special mast for communication with the police and other emergency services but the concern spread to mobile phone masts of all types. There were at least ten masts at Worthing Football Club and more throughout the town.   Potential health risks to local residents and mobile phone users, in particular children under nine, were often raised.

Yet not many people now would be without their mobile and instead of being seen as a safety risk to children they are now carried for safety reasons.  Attitudes have changed over the past ten years.

What has Worthing in store for the next ten years and will current attitudes look quaint and indeed ridiculous in the year 2024?

Google is pushing driverless cars for the next decade but is meeting resistance from drivers of today. Only 45% of UK drivers in a 2013 Cisco survey said they would be happy to be in one – Brazil was much more gung-ho with 95% happy.  One in three Americans expect to live in a city with all cars driverless within a decade.

What would driverless cars mean for Worthing?   One of the big advantages is drivers can stop looking for a parking spot.  Get out where you need and your car finds the spot all by itself.  It even picks you up when you are finished.

So will today’s obsession with parking become a thing of the past and should we be planning for a much different future?

Worthing Daily will keep you informed of these and other developments because we believe we should not only look to Worthing’s past but also to Worthing’s future.

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