Glyndebourne Festival – ‘Don Giovanni‘ at Connaught Cinema

Glyndebourne Festival – ‘Don Giovanni‘ at Connaught Cinema


Don Giovanni recorded live at the Glyndebourne Festival 2010 is shown at the Connaught Studio  at 7.00 pm tomorrow (Sunday July 6th).

The legend of Don Juan tells how, at the height of his licentious career, he seduced a girl of noble family and killed her father, who had tried to avenge her. Later, seeing a commemorative effigy on the father’s tomb, he flippantly invited it to dine with him, and the stone ghost duly arrived for dinner as a harbinger of Don Juan’s death.

In the original Spanish tragedy, Don Juan’s attractive qualities—his vitality, his arrogant courage, and his sense of humour—heighten the dramatic value of the catastrophe. The power of the drama derives from its rapid pace, the impression it gives of cumulative tension as Don Juan’s enemies gradually hound him to destruction, and the awareness that the Don is goaded to defy even the ghostly forces of the unknown. In the end he refuses to repent and is eternally damned.

Italian with English subtitles.

Tickets are priced at £14.50 with concessions £2,00 discount and Friends £3.00 discount.

The Connaught Cinema is at 3 Union Place, Worthing.