Goodbye to all that – now ‘use it or lose it’

Goodbye to all that – now ‘use it or lose it’


Former Mayor Tom Wye is holding a party on April Fools Day (Tuesday April 1st) to celebrate the exit of NCP from Worthing Council’s car parks.

The party takes place by the clock tower in South Street between 11.00 am and noon and all residents are invited to raise a glass with Mr Wye.

Mr Wye resigned recently from Worthing Borough Council in protest at a gagging order over the final settlement on a contract dispute with NCP.

April Fools Day is also the day the cheap parking charge starts at the multi-storey car parks for a three month trial – effectively £1 an hour.  If the cheap parking rate is deemed a success the rate will continue but if not the ‘use it or lose it’ option kicks in.

Success must be based on increased usage but the criteria for a success is less than clear.  A Council spokesperson has said this week charges will not be going back up to £1.70 per hour whatever the outcome, and will remain competitive with on-street parking.

As West Sussex County Council at a recent meeting maintained £1.20 per hour for on-street does this mean multi-storeys will continue at a lower rate after the end of the trial – whatever the outcome?

We doubt it – we still believe Leader of the Council Paul Yallop’s mantra ‘ use it or lose it’.

So say goodbye to all that NCP kerfuffle but don’t be an April Fool – ‘use it or lose it.’

Worthing Daily