Guest Comment from Frances Borrer: Why become a Trustee for Home-Start?

Guest Comment from Frances Borrer: Why become a Trustee for Home-Start?


Frances Borrer tells Worthing Daily why she is a Trustee For Home-Start  ……

Let me tell you……

It all began when the company I work for (a large corporate company) gave me the opportunity to join one of the volunteering programmes we run. This matched employees with charities with a view to becoming a trustee as part of personal and professional development.

While I was undergoing this matching process I spotted an advert in our local town magazine for trustees for Home-Start Worthing and Adur and it started me thinking.

The idea of being a trustee for a charity that directly supports people in my local community – people just around the corner from me – really appealed and the more I found out about Home-Start (the internet is a wonderful thing!) the more connected to the charity I felt.

My own two children are grown up now and I have a small grandson so I understand the joys and recall the challenges in bringing up a family.

Many of us are fortunate to have a support network of family and friends to help us through those tough times but what about those who don’t have that?

That’s where Home-Start comes in – support targeted specifically for families- that’s what we do thanks to our fantastic volunteers.

I contacted the scheme manager to find out more and haven’t looked back.  I’ve been a trustee for just over a year now, and my confidence in my ability to help and guide the charity has grown, and the skills and experience I’ve gained in my day job are put to good use.

I’m part of a team of trustees who together make the decisions and set strategies to take the charity forward and we all complement each other, and along with our lovely staff we make a difference to local families who are having a tough time.

We are presently looking for more trustees, so if you think it might be for you, please contact me, Frances Borrer on 07711 748263 or Hilda Sherwood, Manager on 01903 236916 or email: