Happy bunnies

Happy bunnies


Worthing Daily wishes all our readers a Happy Easter and wish you are as happy bunnies as we are this holiday weekend.  We are very happy bunnies.

Interest shown firstly in our Facebook Page and then our website exceeds our wildest expectations and we thank everyone for their great support.  We have had almost 5,000 views of our website since launch and one article on the Facebook Page has attracted over 1,200 views since posting late Thursday night.

The article that attracted the 1,200 plus visits was the news the Worthing Cabinet is recommending bringing Worthing car parks back in house from NCP.   Our friends in the media kept car parking issues the main topic of conversation leading to a publicly demanded debate in Full Council.

The Cabinet in taking the decision before the debate have already shown how they will argue in April as they ride on the popular tide.   We trust there will still be a full and frank discussion based on the facts and the best conclusion reached for both the shops and the council tax payers.

A wrong decision will not make happy bunnies but ones that are hopping mad.