Have your say on East Worthing & Broadwater parking changes

Have your say on East Worthing & Broadwater parking changes


East Worthing and Broadwater residents can have their say on parking restrictions. West Sussex County Council urge them to express their  views on the current scheme and say whether they would like to see any changes.

It follows the installation of three controlled parking zones in the area last December, which gave priority to residents and businesses.

The County Council is aiming to assess the impact of the schemes by consulting with residents throughout September and will send out letters and questionnaires.

Pieter Montyn, County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said:  “We are very keen for residents to take part in the review as it will lead to improvements in the scheme later this year.

“The new parking zones in East Worthing and Broadwater were put in place to improve road safety, reduce congestion and prevent obstructions to private driveways.

“We need as much feedback as possible to see if they have been successful and to see if we need to make any changes.”

To find out more about controlled parking zones visit the Controlled Parking Zone consultations page.