Hazel Thorpe – Liberal Democrat candidate for Worthing West

Hazel Thorpe – Liberal Democrat candidate for Worthing West


Worthing Daily recently asked all General Election candidates in the Worthing constituencies to state their case why you should vote for them on May 7th.

Here is what Hazel Thorpe who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Worthing West has to say:

“Choose Hazel Thorpe Lib Dem for MP in Worthing West!

“Hazel has qualities needed of a hardworking, down to earth, practical MP. She is both a listener and an active worker.

“As a former Teacher and SEN Head of Dept. with years of experience in education, and currently a Further Education College Governor, Hazel tackles life challenges by networking, and finding solutions to issues. She has a lifelong real interest in health, governance and being a Trustee in a local charitable small business. Her work at Maybridge Keystone Youth Club enables her to encourage community links with Worthing Children and Family centres. For instance a Children around the World fun event for 40 local families from different backgrounds was held recently, the proceeds of which will go to UNICEF a world – wide children’s charity.

“She is interested in saving energy, reducing the cost of living for all and fuel poverty, improving opportunities whilst creating a lively local economy. Wealth, health and security for all.

“Her Local Manifesto;

  • Economy; to support SMEs in surviving, thriving, being sustainable, via lobbying for Government and EU funding and networking
  • Education; to support our schools & colleges to prepare young people for the jobs, skills and vocations needed
  • Health and Social Care; to support the hospital, those living with disabilities, and NHS by raising awareness of public opinion, needs, experience and speaking out

“Real life solutions; highlighting the need for emotional intelligence, caring support and training between apprenticeships and full time work.”

Hazel Thorpe

For more information visit:  http://www.libdems.org.uk/thorpe