Heart of the Community

Heart of the Community


Affectionately known by members of Broadwater Cricket Club  as “headquarters”  The Cricketers has long been part of the Broadwater scene.   There has been a pub on the site for over 150 years and the pub known as The Cricketers since 1878.

Broadwater Cricket Club should know as the club has played on nearby Broadwater Green since 1771.   Cricket in fact is the first recorded sport in Worthing with a match being played on Broadwater Green in the 1720s.

Pubs are a valued part of the community which is why it so sad so many have been lost to Worthing over the years – most recently The Globe and the Clifton Arms.  Nationwide 40 pubs close each week.

Josy Adams is this week determined  to firmly place The Cricketers in the heart of the Broadwater Community using tomorrow’s Bank Holiday to reach out to Broadwater with The Big Lunch.

Josy remembers pubs being the heart of the community and is sad that seems to have been lost over time.   To help put that right Josy’s lunch aims to bring the local community together and create a good, fun, family afternoon.

You provide the food and The Cricketers will provide the entertainment.

Worthing Daily applauds any move to create a community spirit and wish Josy and her colleagues at The Cricketers every success.

Worthing Daily