Homefield Park may be closed a month

Homefield Park may be closed a month


Southern Water and Worthing Borough Council issued a joint statement on Tuesday (July 30th) updating on Homefield Park:

“Homefield Park in Worthing will remain closed for up to one month following the recent flooding in the area.

56mm of rain, more than a month’s worth, fell in just one hour in the early hours of July 28th 2014, overwhelming the entire local drainage network.

As a result water flooded into Southern Water’s sewers, causing the sewerage system to back up in some roads and open spaces – including the park.

Anyone who comes into contact with the water or contaminated land is at risk of bacterial infection so the park will have to remain closed until the land is clean.

Southern Water contractors are on site pumping away floodwater, removing debris and disinfecting the paths and other areas of hardstanding.

However, the grassed areas cannot be disinfected in this way because the grass would die so they must be left to be disinfected by ultra-violet light from the sun.

We understand that the park’s closure will cause some disruption but this decision has been taken to prevent people from coming into contact with contamination and becoming ill.

The East Worthing Festival was due to take place in the park this weekend. At the time of this posting its organisers were deciding about relocating to an alternative location. Check back for more information about this.”