Horse drawn hearse at 150th Anniversary Cemetery Open Day

Horse drawn hearse at 150th Anniversary Cemetery Open Day


Broadwater & Worthing Cemetery celebrates its 150th anniversary this year with an open day on Saturday 11th May from the Friends group.  A horse drawn glass-sided hearse will be in attendance as an added attraction. The cemetery in South Farm Road will be open from 10.00 am until 3.00 pm.

Worthing Salvation Army Band will play at 10.30 am before dedicating a tree to the memory of Captain Sarah Broadhurst.  She played an important part in the Salvation Army riots that occurred in Worthing and Shoreham during 1884.  Capt Sarah was a leader of the Shoreham Salvation Army and on 12th October 1884 she suffered an attack  by a mob from Worthing when she was “battered to the ground by a hail of stones and brickbats”.  She died in Worthing on 6th February 1892 at the young age of 43 and thought to have never recovered from the beating handed out by the mob.

There is a 150th Anniversary tour at 11.00 am (repeated at 2.00 pm) when visitors can find out about the history and the maintenance of the cemetery.

Friends are on hand to assist in locating a family grave and tour booklets on sale with details of famous occupants.   Entrance is free and refreshments are available.

Worthing Library currently has a complimentary display until Monday 18th May.