'The House of Magic' at Dome Cinema

'The House of Magic' at Dome Cinema


The House of Magic (U) is showing at the Dome Cinema, Worthing from Friday August 8th to Thursday August 14th.

Seeking shelter from a storm, abandoned young cat Thunder sneaks into a mysterious mansion owned by retired magician Lawrence, aka “The Illustrious Lorenzo”. Lawrence shares his fairy-tale world with many animals and a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos capable of whipping up breakfast while rolling out a spectacular song-and-dance routine.

He soon makes Thunder feel welcome, but Jack the rabbit and Maggie the mouse start plotting to get him kicked out. When Lawrence ends up in the hospital, his nephew tries to trick him into selling the house. But its ragtag inhabitants develop a spooky strategy to defend their home. They turn their house into a haunted mansion, using Thunder as their secret weapon…

Consumer advice:  Contains scary scenes, mild threat, very mild bad language.

Running time:   85 minutes.

Showtimes:  Friday August 8th at 11.45 am, Saturday August 9th at 11.00 am (Saturday Morning Movie) and 11.15 am (autistic screening), Sunday July 10th at 11.45 am (3D), Monday August 11th at 11.45 am, Tuesday August  12th at 11.45 am (3D), Wednesday August 13th at 11.45 am  and Thursday August 14th at 11.45 am (3D).

The Dome Cinema is on the seafront at 21-22 Marine Parade, Worthing.