Injured motorcyclist seeks comforter

Injured motorcyclist seeks comforter


The motorcyclist injured on Wednesday (November 5th) at the junction of Upper Brighton Road and Grove Road, is looking to make contact with the lady who comforted  him.

Chris Brown of Rustington taken by ambulance to hospital after the collision is back home now but suffered a broken collar bone and cuts to his leg requiring 14 stitches.

While he was laying injured at the scene a kind lady stopped and knelt down, held his head still and chatted to him the whole time. Chris really wants to thank her personally for the support she gave him and for keeping his mind off the accident.

The lady had children in her car and was on the way to a fireworks display and Chris believes she used to be a midwife.

If she could contact Worthing Daily through Facebook or by e-mail: we would be delighted to put her in contact with Chris.