'Iron Junkyard Friday' at The Elms

'Iron Junkyard Friday' at The Elms


It’s Iron Junkyard Friday at The Elms, Broadwater next week from 8.30 pm on Friday November 7th.

Another first Friday of the month and another spectacular Tyger Friday at Worthing’s premiere live music venue – The Elms.  

Eighties rock, pop and metal will be crammed into your soft, yielding ear-holes by the shovel-full,and together with Iron Junkyard’s  visual feast of a stage-show, you are guaranteed to go home stuffed with 80’s goodness and ready to face the rest of the month with confidence and a hint of after dinner ballad.

This month Iron Junkyard have the privilege of sharing the stage with yet more of our muso friends for your entertainment.

Junkyard Sons are the bastard child of the blues, rock, southern rock, loud electric guitars and a sprinkling of homemade instruments, playing for fun but as if their lives depended on it.

The Elms is at 66 Broadwater Street East, Broadwater, Worthing.