'Iron Tyger' at Smugglers Return

'Iron Tyger' at Smugglers Return


Brighton band Iron Tyger play at The Smugglers Return, Worthing from 8.30 pm on Friday March 6th.

Delivering pure cheesy 80’s fun Iron Tyger  are Roz Smith (vocals, keys, guitar), Marcus Quilter (bass, vocals), Felix Clement (guitar, vocals), Jonny Smale (guitar, vocals) and Trevelyan Harper (drums).

Roz has worked alongside artists from QueensrycheSkunk AnansieLittle Angels and Reef. Her vocal performance got her voted as Best Tribute Singer of 2009 at the Komedia in Brighton.

Marcus has 25 years playing experience and has worked with members of WhitesnakeSaxonGirlschool and Thunder.

Felix is a virtuoso guitarist taught by the best such as Guthrie Govan (Erotic Cakes, Snoop Dogg), Tommy Emmanuel (Stevie Wonder) and Adrian Legg (Joe Satriani).

Jonny has an impressive musical CV under his belt including work with artists such as The YardbirdsCradle of Filth and Skunk Anansie.

Trevelyan has an impressive range of experience and styles from Jazz to Progressive Metal and everything in-between.

The Smugglers Return is at 112 Ham Road, Worthing.