Did you know Monty’s double?

Did you know Monty’s double?


Meyrick Edward Clifton James who was ‘Monty’s Double’ in World War Two died at his home in Thorn Road, Worthing in 1963.  Fascinated by the story Ian Payne has approached Worthing Daily asking if anyone of our readers can provide further information.

Ian said: “I saw I was Monty’s Double on Film Four recently and it is great British made film from a golden time of film making.

“I wondered if anybody has any more information on M.E. Clifton James who played the role of Monty’s double during WW2 and again the 1950’s film version.  M.E. Clifton James died in Worthing on 8th May 1963, nearly a month after I was born ironically.

“Are there people around in Worthing who still remember him around the town or area at all and did he ever talk about his role as Monty’s double, or was it rather hush-hush?

“I look forward to people’s replies.”

James was assigned to Viscount Montgomery’s staff in Operation Copperhead to learn his speech and mannerisms and act as his double to confuse German intelligence about where the D-Day landings would take place.  The ruse was part of a wider deception to divert troops from Northern France by convincing the Germans that an Allied invasion of Southern France would precede a northern invasion.

You can contact Ian by e-mail:  elandimpayne@uwclub.net  or call 01922 627522 or 07511 759209.