‘Liquid Logic’ Open Mic at Rose & Crown

‘Liquid Logic’ Open Mic at Rose & Crown


Worthing band Liquid Logic host an Open Mic Stand and Jam at The Rose & Crown Tavern, Worthing from 8.30 pm tomorrow night (Wednesday November 19th).

After last week, Dave Edwards of The Rose & Crown said: “Last night’s ‘Open Mic’ had more variety than the London Palladium, more talent than Britain has got …… And a choice of guitars, trumpet, sax, drums, banjo, ukulele and the Australian blow into tube thing that I can’t spell. It was diverse, welcoming and fun. Old and new friends, just jamming like musicians do. Roll on next Wednesday.”

They welcome steel bands, slide guitar, vocalists from a far, drum solos ,didgeridoo players, piano players, sax players, eccentric friendly rappers and many more.

Liquid Logic’s band of musicians are willing to support you in performance on every level .

Liquid Logic are Niels Halperin (lead vocals and guitar), Pete Ridge (vocals, violin, mandolin and guitar), Neil Jones (percussion), Simon Morley (bass) and Ryan Ouslem (lead guitar).

The Rose & Crown Tavern is at 169-173 Montague Street, Worthing.