'Love is Strange' at Connaught Cinema and Studio

'Love is Strange' at Connaught Cinema and Studio


Love is Strange (15) is showing at the Connaught Cinema & Studio, Worthing from Friday March 6th to Tuesday March 10th.

Long-term New York lovers Ben (Lithgow) and George (Molina) embrace the new legality of gay marriage by getting hitched, only to find George facing the sack from his intolerant employer.  Now unable to afford their apartment, they’re obliged to live separately with friends and family, an arrangement that comes with pressures and discomforts that none of those involved could have imagined.

Writer-director Ira Sachs (Keep the Lights On) has strong form portraying the subtle nuances of intimate relationships; with Love is Strange the middle-aged element adds both poignancy and unmawkish humour. Marisa Tomei as Kate, the put-upon wife of Ben’s nephew (Darren Burrows), and Charlie Tahan as her son are both especially effective, but it’s veteran character actors Lithgow and Molina who rightly steal the show.

Running time: 98 minutes.

Show times: Monday March 9th at 8.30 pm and Tuesday March 10th at 1.15 pm. 

The Connaught Cinema and Studio are at 3 Union Place, Worthing.