Money available for community flood protection

Money available for community flood protection

Funds are now available from West Sussex County Council for communities who want to prepare themselves against flooding.  As part of Operation Watershed, the County Council has set up an Active Communities Fund. 

£1.25m is available for projects of all sizes to help communities tackle flooding issues.

For example, the fund could be used for:

  • Start-up costs to support the clearing of neglected ditches;
  • Initial clearing of private ditches that have been neglected;
  • Buying or hiring equipment such as shovels, waders or diggers for communities to use;
  • Commissioning surveys and/or reports; and
  • Developing community flood plans;

While there is no upper limit on funding applications, projects will be evaluated for value for money on a case by case basis.

Applications for significant levels of funding should clearly demonstrate strong community support and the bidder may be asked to provide matched funding from other sources.

West Sussex County Council’s Head of Highways and Transport, Geoff Lowry, said: “This is an opportunity for people to work with us to fix problems caused by extreme weather.

“Our aim is to get these funds out as quickly as possible so people can start preparing for heavy rains the next time they come.

“Operation Watershed is committed to helping communities help themselves, resolve issues and prepare for extreme events where they can.”

If you would like to bid for the Active Communities Fund discuss it with your local County Council Community and Economic Development officer.

Alternatively, e-mail:

For information about the Active Communities Fund visit the Operation Watershed page on the County Council’s website

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