Problem with speeding drivers?

Problem with speeding drivers?


Has your area got a problem with speeding drivers? 

Sussex Police encourage West Sussex residents to tackle the issue by setting up Community Speed Watch groups to catch motorists driving illegally.

Residents attending Broadwater Police Neighbourhood Panel work with the police in their own Community Speed Watch group.

Broadwater Community Speed Watch Member David Wakefield was out this week with PCSO Ed Mitchell who is responsible for road safety.   As usual they took speed samples for 100 vehicles and found there were more travelling at over 30 mph than at 30 mph or under.  Out of the 100, 9 were over 36 mph with 4 over 40 mph, one, in fact, recorded at 43 mph. The spread between male and female drivers was about even.

David said: “As for the experience of doing Speedwatch, well, it is definitely enlightening. The variety of attitudes towards driving is wide-ranging. Some of the meeker type drive so slowly as to become a menace to other motorists – we’ve actually had one gentleman who stopped by the Speed Indicator Device (SID) to ask if it was OK to proceed!

“And in complete contrast there are those who need to show off either by not backing off their speed or by rapid acceleration as they pass by the speed camera. We had one guy on a powerful motorbike who, when alongside the camera and in full view of the PCSO, actually `pulled a wheelie’.”

“What it comes down to is responsibility and respect for other road users. The majority of motorists do this, in fact, and it would be a good thing for the respect to be returned. And all motorists need to be reminded that no-one has a right to use the roads in the UK – it is considered a privilege to do so. Let’s not abuse that privilege as the price of doing so can be high.”

If you are interested in forming or joining a Community Speed Watch team where you live, e-mail or call 101 ext 66262.

Pictured:  David Wakefield (left) with PCSO Ed Mitchell

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