‘Q’Lil Glb Gells Thall’ at Bar 42

‘Q’Lil Glb Gells Thall’ at Bar 42


Q’Lil Glb Gells Thall with Ephemeral, Derelict Dream and Grand Parade are at Bar 42 from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm tomorrow night (Thursday January 15th).

Bar 42 said: “Q’Lil Glb Gells Thall – Completely batshit avant-garde grindcore.

Ephemeral – Metal from Brighton. Influences include Trivium, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Sylosis, The Agonist, Slipknot, Machine Head .

“Derelict Dream –‘They (Derelict Dream) sound like the ominously staggering love child of Opeth and Incubus’ heavy cousin, mixing chugging riffs, high discordant notes and groovy breaks.’ – Mike Jones

“On Album Ridgewood Lake Progressive Doom Metal (passionate and intense doom metal from this exciting Sussex band. Some great eerie gothic aspects really add to their sound) – Prog Metal Zone

“Grand Parade – bold, stubborn, brave, cowardly, silly, serious, adventurous, true, not fake.  Happy in a sad way, sad in a happy way. A mix of feelings, a mix of genres wrapped up in a piece of shiny glossy paper of desperate hope.  This is Grand Parade.”

Bar 42 is at 42 Marine Parade on Worthing seafront.