Rock enrol

Rock enrol


In Worthing it is the older generation that can be counted on to vote and consequently put their stamp on the town.  But oldies do not have the monopoly of good ideas and the young have some refreshingly good ones.

Over seventy percent of Worthing’s electorate didn’t bother to vote in last month’s County elections with a significantly higher proportion not voting among the young.

To bring those refreshingly good ideas to fruition the young need our politicians to listen and take them forward. The best way to make politicians listen is to make sure they know you will only vote for the ones that will listen – a lesson the young should heed.

The young, to get their voice heard and get things done must wield their democratic right to vote.   As Winston Churchill said: “Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

Worthing Daily supports any move to get the young to vote which is why we are fully behind the Rock the Chamber concert in the Assembly Hall on June 29th.   Some of Worthing’s best young bands will compete for the young people’s votes on the night – cast in the actual ballot boxes used at elections.  A wonderful chance to take part in the democratic decision process.

All Worthing local political parties support the concert as does the Bite the Ballot organisation. Bite the Ballot encourages young people to make sure they are on the electoral roll through the “Rock enrol” initiative.  A similar event held at the Ministry of Sound attracted 600 young people.  We hope Worthing can do just as well – if not better.

Worthing Daily also urges all young people to make sure they are eligible to vote and to book their ticket for Rock the Chamber.  Tickets are available from Worthing Theatres – 01903 206206 or online.

Our appeal to the young is simple  – “Don’t waste your vote – use it on both occasions.”

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