‘The Rogue Players’ at St Paul’s

‘The Rogue Players’ at St Paul’s


Only in town since last month The Rogue Players present acting & improvisation workshops at the St Paul’s Arts Centre during November and December. 

This is what they have to offer:

Teaser Freebie Monday November 17th from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm:

The Rogue Players said: “We’re new in town so come check out what we do in our classes! Our work is great for actors/performers as well as people who do public speaking and presentations and those who want to get more JOY out of life by playing on stage!  It’s free!


Acting Without Limits: Breaking the Comfort Zone:  Weekend workshop on two Saturdays November 29th and December 6th from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm.  Cost: £85.00.

The Rogue Players said: “The comfort zone is comfortable, but not creative and not fun! 

“If trapped in a covered glass jar, flies grow accustomed to flying just under the lid. When the lid is removed the flies will still fly just under the opening. They’re free to leave but they limit their own flight range – they imprison themselves.

“Find the freedom to make choices to create more vibrant, authentic performances with exercises designed to commit to the unknown and stay in the present moment.

“This work is geared for beginning performers or performers who want to overcome blocks, as well as people who want to overcome shyness or do public speaking and presentations. As well, of course, as those who just want to get more joy out of life. On and Off Stage.”


The One-Minute Scene: Acting, Improvisation and the Imagination:  Three week course on Mondays December 1st, 8th and 15th from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm.  Cost: £100.00.

The Rogue Players said: “With this American approach to improvisational acting, we’ll be using silence and limited dialogue to create scenes that are alive with behaviour and rich with information.

By focusing on a tiny segment of time, we will deepen the dynamics between the performers on stage.

“This work is ideal for actors/performers with some training or people who are ready to jump in and try something new.”


For  information and sign up, please contact Frank or Terianne at: therogueplayersuk@gmail.comcall 07786 860062 or visit: www.therogueplayers.com

St Paul’s Art Centre is at 55B Chapel Road, Worthing. 

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