‘A Room Swept White’ at Bar 42

‘A Room Swept White’ at Bar 42


A Room Swept White are playing at Bar 42, Worthing from 7.45 pm tomorrow (Friday November 21st) with Dead Town Nothing, Kill for Eden and Ashes in support.

Mark Forty Two Knowles said:  “A Room Swept White: A Room Swept White were originally born at the tail-end of 2011 in the South East of England. The fiery five-piece wanted to create a sound that inspires and attacks the senses, and they have certainly more than fulfilled their objective. They are one of my favourite metal bands to play here and I’ve only heard them twice.

Dead Town Nothing:  Since forming Dead Town Nothing have been a familiar face on the UK circuit and released their debut album in January 2013, playing venues far and wide and creating a buzz to their unique style of Hardcore Punk Rock.

Kill For Eden:  Kill For Eden is a 5-piece hard rock band from London. Building from classic foundations in the form of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, Kill For Eden take their influences from the The Cult’s solid riffs, Blondie’s instant melody and Garbage‘s contemporary mix of pop hooks and rebel attitude. They’ve been gigging around England and released their debut album in May 2013

Ashes: Now, a heavy metal band, they’ve come together to bring distorted guitars, high screams, and heavy breakdowns to a town near you!”

Entry is free – Under 18s until 9.00 pm.

Bar 42 is at 42 Marine Parade, Worthing.