‘Ruby Redfort: Look into My Eyes’ voted winner of the West

‘Ruby Redfort: Look into My Eyes’ voted winner of the West


West Sussex schoolchildren have voted ‘Ruby Redfort: Look into My Eyes’ by the acclaimed author Lauren Child as winner of the West.

This action packed detective story grabbed the attention of pupils with a passion for solving clues and mysteries.

Ruby is a child genius who cracks codes for fun. Since she was a little girl she has observed and recorded everything in hundreds of little notebooks, training herself to become a legendary detective and secret agent. Returning home one day, she finds everything in her house is missing except the telephone. Suddenly she finds herself at the headquarters of the super secretive agency SPECTRUM, where her mission begins!

610 pupils from across 61 schools have been eagerly reading and debating the shortlisted books since September. Pupils have had the chance to meet some of the authors and ask them about their writing.

Lionel Barnard, County Council Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services, which includes Libraries, said: “Fun and action packed, this book has some superb gadgets and some perplexing codes for readers to crack. Once again, we are celebrating a successful partnership between the West Sussex Schools Library Service and our local schools, thanks to whom Year 6 primary school children and Year 7 secondary school students have been able to join together and discuss some of the best contemporary fiction for children.”