Serve a Sussex breakfast and support local farmers

Serve a Sussex breakfast and support local farmers


The Sussex Breakfast is an accreditation scheme sourcing quality ingredients from Sussex producers or from farm shops supplied by local farmers and craft producers.

Visitors to Sussex can enjoy milk from local small dairies, free-range eggs, sausages, dry cured bacon, apple juice, seasonal fruit, and tasty jams, mustards and marmalades. Caring animals husbandry and respect for the Sussex landscape and wildlife is a central part of the ethos of the Sussex Breakfast.

By using a cafe or staying at accommodation that serves a Sussex Breakfast visitors enjoy delicious food and support farmers who preserve and maintain the beautiful patchwork of fields and woods that is characteristic of the Sussex countryside.

Items that made up the Sussex Breakfast are in the following list. Some items are seasonal and some may not be available locally – but for many items there will be a story to tell:

Free range eggs, sausages made from free-range pork, bacon; dry cured streaky or back made from free-range pork, milk from cows grazed outdoors and locally processed yogurt, cheese, bread or rolls, seasonal fruit; apple juice, mushrooms (from West Sussex or Kent), tomatoes (sourced locally when in season) and honey, jams and condiments.

If you already serve local produce within your breakfast menu you may well already meet the criteria. B&Bs, hotels, cafes and attractions – if you’re in Sussex and serve a breakfast, you can apply.

To meet the criteria to become a Sussex Breakfast provider you must serve at least 60% of your breakfast from local and ethically reared produce. If you do not meet this criteria or would like some advice and support Rebecca Butler from Plumpton College will be happy to help you source ingredients from your local area.

The accreditation now carries a nominal annual fee of £50 but there’s good news from Adur & Worthing Councils. The first 10 businesses to apply will receive a 75% discount – that’s just £12.50 to pay. The next 10 businesses to apply will receive a 50% discount (£25.00 to pay).

Once accredited as a Sussex Breakfast provider you will be able to use the Sussex Breakfast logo on your promotional materials and website, be featured on the Visit Worthing website and you will also feature on the Love Sussex website, managed by the Sussex Destinations.

The Sussex Breakfast as featured on gives your business a marked advantage over other businesses in the area.

For more information and to request a ‘providers guide’ and registration form call Rebecca Butler on 01580 8795547 or e-mail:

The scheme is now managed by Plumpton College at the Flimwell Centre for Sustainable Food Farming and Forestry on behalf of all the Sussex Destinations.

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