'Share the Warmth' scheme to help homeless launch today

'Share the Warmth' scheme to help homeless launch today


A new scheme to provide free hot drinks to Worthing’s homeless is launched today at the new Mad Hatters Tea Parlour cafe in Goring Road, Worthing at 10.30 am.

‘Share the Warmth’ is a charitable scheme run by local cafe and coffee shop owners with the assistance of the ‘Share the Warmth’ team.  The scheme allows customers to donate money, in return for the shop to hold or reserve hot drinks for local needy and homeless people who can pop in and claim a free drink, if available.

Deputy Mayor Vic Walker will the launch the scheme along with Worthing Cash Mob.

And this is how it works:

The Share

  • You go into your local cafe to buy some lunch, maybe a sandwich and a coffee and notice the ‘Share the Warmth’ signs and you want to get involved.
  • Simply tell the staff that you want to ‘Share the Warmth’.
  • £1.50 is the recommended donation and some shops may allow more.
  •  The staff put marbles in a jar, 1 marble signifies 50p has been donated.
  • You leave with your lunch having made a donation to help someone in need.

The Collect

  • ‘Frank’ is a local man who is homeless, probably cold and could do with a warm drink. He sees the ‘Share the Warmth’ poster in the window, so he knows they are taking part in the scheme.
  •  Frank goes into the cafe and sees some marbles in the pot, so he knows a hot drink is available.
  • He asks if he can have a free tea, coffee or soup from the pot.  The shop can be flexible on what they provide.
  • Within a couple of minutes he has a warm drink in his hands, thanks to the kindness of You and the cafe.