Sporting chance

Sporting chance


Worthing Daily made an error this week in posting a news article to the sport section by mistake. The article gave the nominations to the Worthing Borough Council by-election for Goring Ward on May 2nd.   Perhaps it was a Freudian slip.

A reader pointed out the mistake by advising a picture of a ballot box was on the home page link to the sports section.   We rectified the situation but lost the original link to Facebook and  Twitter.  The lesson has been learned.

More people viewed on Facebook the Goring ward by-election article than the previous one on the nominations for the West Sussex County Council election but it is County that spends more of your hard earned money.

For every pound of council tax 77p goes to West Sussex and only 14p to Worthing Borough Council.  The remaining 9p goes to the Sussex Police & Crime Commission.

West Sussex deals with the more important things affecting your daily life – education and schools; adult and children social services; waste disposal and highways and transport.  Worthing deals with refuse collection, leisure activities and green spaces.

Yet there are 37 Worthing Borough Councillors and only nine West Sussex County Councillors representing Worthing.   Those nine places are up for grabs on May 2nd.

42 brave souls have declared their willingness to stand for election and if successful will have input on where your child goes to school, how many pot holes are filled and the criteria for receiving day care.

Local elections usually have a poor turnout but it’s the decisions made by those elected which have the most affect on your day-to-day concerns.

Please give those 42 souls your support by using your vote on May 2nd – they deserve a sporting chance.

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