Stop smoking for Stoptober

Stop smoking for Stoptober

Join Worthing Cabinet Member for Health & Wellbeing Tom Wye to take up the challenge and stamp out your smoking habit for 28 days this Stoptober.

Stoptober is back following the huge success of the campaign last year, which saw 160,000 people successfully complete the challenge to stop smoking for 28 days.

Visit the Stoptober website to get a free support pack. People taking up the challenge can also sign up for tips, advice and support with a mobile phone app, text messages or email messages.

West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing Christine Field said: “Stoptober 2012 proved to be a great success and this year’s challenge could be just the push you need to try and kick the habit.

“Accessing support such as the West Sussex Stop Smoking Service makes you four times more likely to be successful than trying to stop smoking by yourself. Stopping smoking has long-term health benefits for all involved and their families, and can also save people a great deal of money.”

Stopping smoking will save the average smoker more than £150 a month and almost £2,000 a year. During last years’ Stoptober, a staggering £25 million was saved by the 160,000 people from not buying cigarettes.

Christine added: “Research shows that those who stop smoking for 28 days are five times more likely to stay smokefree, so taking part in Stoptober could be your first step on the way to giving up the habit. There’s lots of support available, so why not give it a go if you’ve been thinking of stopping smoking. The very best of luck to everyone who takes up the challenge.”

A West Sussex resident is blogging about their experience of taking up the Stoptober challenge and giving up smoking. To read the blog, visit the West Sussex Wellbeing website at The website also has lots of information on giving up smoking.

The overall cost for smoking to society in West Sussex per year is £183 million. This can be broken down to:

  • £54.5 million lost in output to early deaths
  • £39 million lost in output due to cigarette breaks
  • £36 million cost to the NHS in West Sussex
  • £33 million cost of productivity lost due to smoking related sick days
  • £7 million cost of smoking related fires
  • £10 million cost of passive smoking in West Sussex

For advice on accessing your local Stop Smoking Service in West Sussex call 0330 100 1823 or email                                      


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