Sussex Police officer best shot in the world

Sussex Police officer best shot in the world


Sussex Police Sergeant Simon Fenner is the best emergency services shot in the world.  Sgt Fenner beat officers from across the globe to take home the gold medal for overall clay pigeon shooting champion at the World Police and Fire Games.

The 48-year-old travelled to Northern Ireland with more than 6,500 police officers, prison officers and firefighters for a competition involving 56 sports at 42 different venues in Belfast.

Sgt Fenner’s event involved two days of trap shooting, two days of skeet shooting and a day of sporting shooting. With no team being entered from Police Sport UK, he performed as an individual and was part of a composite combined squad of police, prison and fire staff from the UK that competed against the international teams.

After the first two days of trap, Sgt Fenner was five targets behind the leader and won a bronze trap medal.

After the two days of skeet he had cut the lead to two targets and took another bronze medal in the individual skeet as well as one for his combined skeet score.

On the final day Sgt Fenner gained a silver medal in the sporting shooting category which meant he leapfrogged the leaders to get the overall gold for clay pigeon shooting.

He also gained a gold medal when the combined team won the sporting shooting competition against their international rivals.

Sgt Fenner said: “This was a physically and mentally demanding five days of shooting and is without doubt the pinnacle of my shooting career to date. I’d like to thank everyone across the force for their support.

“I’d like to dedicate this win to my late father John. He supported and encouraged myself and my three brothers from an early age and was my greatest supporter and number one fan.”

Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie, of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, said: “Competitors came from 67 countries, near and far across the globe to take part in one of the biggest sporting events ever held in Northern Ireland, in the spirit of competition and friendship.

“I feel extremely proud to have been part of this wonderful event that has brought such colour, vibrancy and enjoyment to so many and which I hope will leave a lasting legacy for Northern Ireland for many years to come.”

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