Sussex Police response to IPCC report on 2008 Jimmy Saville Worthing investigation

Sussex Police response to IPCC report on 2008 Jimmy Saville Worthing investigation


Sussex Police have commented on the IPCC Jimmy Savile 2008 Worthing investigation report.

“We co-operated fully with the IPCC investigation announced in June last year, their report on which is published today, and we note they agree with our view that the four officers referred to have no case to answer for misconduct.

“As required by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) in November 2013, Sussex Police made a formal referral to them that month of the circumstances of our 2008 Worthing investigation, having previously notified the matter to them some ten months earlier. In June last year we were informed by the IPCC that they would be conducting an independent investigation into that 2008 investigation.

“In our referral we expressed the view that this matter was not a conduct issue, but a performance issue, and we note that the IPCC now concur with our view.

“An internal review into our handling of the 1970 Worthing assault allegation, made against Jimmy Savile in March 2008, had been carried out by our Crime Review Team in October and November 2012.

“The allegation made in 2008 had been investigated by qualified local detectives. In the course of the investigation, liaison was established with Surrey Police through the then Impact Intelligence National Index (INI) and it was established that a similar investigation was under way in that force relating to allegations against Savile.

“However the woman who made the Worthing allegation did not wish to give evidence in court, and in the absence of other corroborating evidence, a decision was therefore taken by supervising detectives not to take further action in the that case.

“Nonetheless details of the Sussex report were forwarded to Surrey and were amongst the material submitted by Surrey Police to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), who subsequently decided that there should be no criminal proceedings against Savile.

“Our current policy on the investigation of sexual offences, twice updated since 2008, now fully takes into account all the issues raised by the IPCC report, and is publicly available at /policing-in-sussex/transparency/policies-and-procedures/force-policies/serious-sexual-assault The policy was updated long prior to, and not as a result of, this investigation.

“And this year we are bringing together the investigation of all sexual offences into our specialist Safeguarding Investigation Units which already investigate all other reports of child and adult abuse. This is helping ensure an ever more co-ordinated and consistent approach to all such investigations.

“The Units include specially trained and full-time Sexual Offence Liaison Officers (SOLOs).

“The officers were not suspended during the IPCC investigation and continue to work as operational CID officers.”


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