‘Tarzan’ at the Dome

‘Tarzan’ at the Dome


Tarzan (PG) is today’s Saturday Morning Movie (July 5th) at the Dome Cinema, Worthing and is showing again tomorrow (Sunday July 6th).

John Greystoke (Mark Deklin), the buccaneering CEO of Greystoke Energies, discovers an ancient meteorite impact site deep in the jungle. Tragically, John and his wife Alice (Jaime Ray Newman) are killed in a helicopter accident. But their son survives and is raised by apes. As an adult, Tarzan (Kellan Lutz) encounters humans once again when beautiful environmentalist Jane Porter arrives with William Clayton (Trevor St. John).

As the evil new boss of Greystoke Energies, duplicitous Clayton’s real goal is to mine the meteorite, which promises limitless energy. And he’ll stop at nothing to get his way – even if it means eliminating Tarzan and Jane! 

 ‘Animals United’ director Reinhard Klooss gives the Tarzan story a bold modern makeover with this fresh animation. It combines CGI with the revolutionary motion capture process used to create ‘Avatar’.

Consumer advice:  mild violence, threat

Running time:   99 minutes.

Show times:  Saturday July 5th at 11.00 am  and  Sunday July 6th at 11.15 am

The Dome Cinema is on the seafront at 21-22 Marine Parade, Worthing.