A blonde moment

A blonde moment


Laura Scott has put Worthing’s politicians to shame with her get up and go attitude.   Her unbounded energy in supporting a night shelter for the street community is a welcome breath of fresh air.

The elderly and retired dominate Worthing politics both at County and Borough level – it’s hard to spot a young face.   But Laura has changed all that with her “Political Views Of A Blonde” Facebook Group.   We need more Lauras to make the young politically active.

Rock the Chamber is another movement to involve the young in local politics using the Battle of the Bands concept to encourage young people to vote.  The event is organised by the Worthing Youth Council and Worthing Borough Council working together. Upcoming Worthing bands aged 14 to 19 years old will compete with each other in the Assembly Hall in June.   We wish the bands and the project every success.

And we need  a lot more  blonde moments.

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