Transformation of local health & social care on West Sussex agenda

Transformation of local health & social care on West Sussex agenda


The next meeting of the West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board has the implementation of plans to transform local health and social care services on the agenda. 

The plans aim to ensure services are joined up and designed around the needs of local people.  The Board will look at how these will be delivered.

A key part of these plans will involve explaining to residents and those working within the services how these changes will affect them. The aim is for local services to concentrate on providing people with the right care, in the right place, at the right time and care that is planned and tailored to a person’s individual needs.

The Board meets on Thursday April 24th, at 2.15pm, at County Hall, Chichester.

Plans have been submitted by West Sussex County Council and the three West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups to NHS England for the transformation of health and social care services.

The Health and Wellbeing Board will be updated on how these plans will be translated into action: what work is underway to prepare for 2015 how local residents and communities will be involved.

The submission to NHS England covers the NHS support for social care funding in West Sussex from 2014/2015 and the new single, shared budget between the NHS and County Council called the Better Care Fund, designed to underpin closer working between the two services from 2015/2016.

Chairman of the Board Christine Field said: “The next few years will see enormous changes in how services are delivered to people in West Sussex with the emphasis on care being more closely coordinated between health and social care.

“It is important that people understand why and how services need to change and have confidence that the NHS and local councils are working closely together through the Health and Wellbeing Board to make sure services meet local needs in these challenging times.”

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