UKIP tops Euro Poll in Worthing

UKIP tops Euro Poll in Worthing


UKIP received the most votes in the Worthing Borough Council Local Counting Area in the recent European election .  The total number of votes for UKIP was 10,188 out of a total 28,251 votes cast.  Worthing turnout was 35.93%.

Worthing forms part of the South East Region which elected 10 Members to serve in the European Parliament.  The region now has 4 UKIP members, 3 Conservative, 1 Labour, 1 Green and 1 Liberal Democrat.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage had the highest allocation of votes with Catherine Bearder the only Liberal Democrat returned in the whole of the United Kingdom.


Worthing votes were as follows:

An Independence from Europe:  595

British National Party:  158

Christian Peoples Alliance:  216

Conservative Party:  8,046

English Democrats:  221

Green Party:  2,873

Harmony Party:  27

Labour Party:  3,148

Liberal Democrats:  2,368

Liberty Great Britain: 26

The Peace Party:  114

The Roman Party AVE:   38

The Socialist Party of Great Britain: 70

UK Independence Party (UKIP):  10,188

YOURvoice:  29

Spoilt Votes:  134


The 10 Members of the European Parliament for the South East Region are:

UKIP:  Nigel Farage, Janice Atkinson, Diane James and Ray Finch

Conservative Party:  Dan Hannan, Nirj Deva, Richard Ashworth

Labour Party: Anneliese Dodds

Green Party:  Keith Taylor

Liberal Democrat:  Catherine Bearder


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