‘Vega’, ‘Strange Cages’, ‘FlashFires’ & ‘Borderline at Bar Forty Two

‘Vega’, ‘Strange Cages’, ‘FlashFires’ & ‘Borderline at Bar Forty Two


Vega, Strange Cages, FlashFires and Borderline all play at Bar Forty Two from 7.00 pm tomorrow night  (Friday August 22nd).

Vega are a three piece rock band from Worthing taking influences from such bands as Muse, Green Day and Tool and melding them together to create something weird, warped and wonderful.

Noises drenched with garage punk are familiar sounds, but there is something fresh and exciting about the way Strange Cages go about throwing their musical blood over your eardrums.

Friends from school, FlashFires have a unique bond that shines through in their song writing and their live shows.  Despite being only 18 years old, they are writing tunes that their older peers can only dream of, a bold statement perhaps, but one that is fully justified.  Sitting somewhere on the indie/rock spectrum, their own self-proclaimed brand of Fire Indie Disco, FlashFires are here to have a good time and everyone is invited.

Unrestricted by genre, the band are all music fans with eclectic tastes and are not frightened to take risks and test out different styles and sounds in their compositions.

The band have been playing the local South Coast venues and started to amass a loyal following and this has led to slots at the Alresford Festival, Blissfields and a headline slot at the B’Stoke Live show this year.  Lead singer Alex sums it up by saying “We have been moving to bigger and better things recently, the hunger and drive in the band keeps us moving forward all the time”.

Borderline complete the line-up.

Bar Forty Two is at 42 Marine Parade on Worthing seafront.