£30m Better Roads Programme delivers results

£30m Better Roads Programme delivers results


West Sussex County Council’s £30m Better Roads Programme is already delivering results just weeks after starting.

The two-year programme, to repair rural and residential roads damaged by extreme weather over the past few years, has been up and running since mid-April.

So far (up to May 31st):

  • 116,984 square metres of road surface has been repaired – almost the size of 14 Wembley Stadium football pitches;
  • 13,001 tonnes of new road surface has been laid so far – equivalent to the weight of 5,020 Rolls Royce Phantoms;
  • 99 sites around West Sussex have been resurfaced or repaired, with 11 of these treated with surface dressing; and
  • 22.22 miles of road length has been improved.

Tina Hammett, of St Lawrence Road, Worthing, spoke after her road was resurfaced during a two-day road closure in May.

She said: “The way the resurfacing works was carried out was excellent. It caused minimum disruption. Well done to whoever organised the timings and instructions.”

Residents will see more activities on their roads in the coming months because of the Better Roads Programme and there will be more road closures than normal.

To find out if your road is due to be repaired, visitwww.westsussexhighways.org/betterroads and type the name of your road or town into the search bar.

The following sites have been repaired or resurfaced under the Better Roads Programme so far in Worthing: Madeira Avenue – repairs, Southdownview Road – repairs, and St Lawrence Avenue (including St Thomas’s Road and Rectory Road) – resurfacing.